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SHLEEP - Wooden Sheep Toy

SHLEEP - Wooden Sheep Toy

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SHLEEP is a wooden sheep toy inspired by automata, a classic mechanical toy. Suitable for all the curious kids from 3y+


“shleep lives on the grass hill near the farm. her best friend is woofy.”

Each set contains four gears on a wooden tray, a WOOFY head and a TOMATA body. When you insert a gear into the body, it results in Woody's ears moving. Explore different expressions by changing the gear!


Promotes Computational Thinking

sparks engineering minds with stem play

Encourages Logical Skills

Promotes Motor Skills


Every piece of the toy is made out of sustainable wood from a rubber plantation in the south of Thailand and painted with water-based colours. Our toy is gender-neutral.



What's in the box:

SHLEEP Head x 1

Ear Bits x 2

TOMATA Body x 1

TOMATA Gears x 4

Wooden Tray x 1

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