It's begginning to look a lot like an independant Christmas

It's begginning to look a lot like an independant Christmas

Author: Natalie Wilkinson Edwards
12 - 12 - 2022

It’s that time of year again… the magic of Christmas is suddenly around every corner before Halloween has even had a chance to come and go.

I love Christmas, especially now that my little one is old enough to understand. This year I am trying to be one of those people who is more organised with Christmas presents, but more specifically - I am making a conscious effort to boycott the big online giants (I need not mention names) and support smaller, local where possible, independent retailers. The temptation to sit in my pjs and order every single gift in one night, to have them arrive in a mountain of cardboard the next day is certainly tempting… but here are seven very good reasons to shop small this year.


1. It’s better for the economy

I’m no Martin Lewis Money Expert but, at this point - anything we can do that helps our dear economy out, we should do it. God help us all. It’s as simple as this… shopping small, and local, goes back into local communities, and therefore into the British economy.



2. Keeping the craft alive

The popularity of artisan craft products are on the up, with craft markets, online and in person, becoming more and more on trend. Whether it be art work, ceramics, clothing…Receiving a gift that you know has been handmade is a wonderful feeling. The seamstresses at  Dot and Doug take such care over every item they make. Emma spends inordinate amounts of time carefully selecting the (eco friendly) materials for the exquisite outfits they sew. The work is done out of Emma’s small studio, where every item is hand made to order with such care and attention to detail.


3. You’re making dreams come true

Yes, you, dear reader, have the power to make dreams come true. The hours sat mapping out whether that business idea could actually take off, are made worthwhile with every order that comes through. Every time someone buys an item from Dot and Doug, you are keeping Emma’s (the lovely owner) dream alive.

4. You’ll be well looked after
Small brands will usually offer a more personal service. Their livelihood literally  depends on your custom; they can’t afford bad reviews. It’s likely you’ll be able to speak to a real human about what you’re buying if needs be, rather than a chat bot. Dot and Doug’s customer reviews are second to none, and unsurprisingly so.


5. You’re helping out the planet

There are now many documentaries demonstrating the unethical conditions and disastrous impact on climate change that some big companies have. Obviously these retailers can offer us lower prices, but at what cost? Smaller brands are more transparent with their materials and ingredients.Generally speaking, shopping small is saving the planet for the future generation. (Our children, and grandchildren…)
6. You can find something a bit different

Sure, you can buy something mass produced from an internet giant. Or, you could buy something from somewhere small and wonderful that no one else would have thought of. It speaks volumes and lets the receiver know you’ve really thought about them. So many things are mass produced now, but we can bring back those one of a kind gifts.

7. You can feel the love

There’s something quite special about small businesses. 9 times out of 10, they’re a passion product, so you can almost guarantee the item you buy will have been extremely well thought out. Michelle at Earsham Street Deli spends hours spent pouring over choosing what beautiful products to stock. Both stores are an emporium of delicious and unique treats, her staff are brilliantly trained and offer stellar customer service. Michelle has a loyal customer base and social media following. It’s no wonder Earsham Street Delicatessen is an award winning business. It’s these independent retailers that pour their heart and soul into their businesses. In turn, you can feel it with every item you buy!


I could go on. For many of us, money is tight. I have been guilty on splashing the cash on lots of presents from the big hitters, but not this year. I’m serving a carefully curated Christmas, championing our beautiful British brands. There is something almost romantic about the idea of bringing back an old fashioned Christmas, buying from small retailers. If for nothing else, it feels a bit magic.

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