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Organic Bamboo Baby Lion Bowl and Spoon Set

Organic Bamboo Baby Lion Bowl and Spoon Set

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100% Natural Bamboo! Treat your little cubs to a hearty meal, fit for the King of the Jungle, with this all-natural Bamboo Baby Bowl with a food-grade silicone spoon. Strong and brave, like the lion, your little ones will enjoy trying a variety of new tastes and textures. 

Powerful suction base! One of the strongest animals around, our lion mimics this strength with a powerful suction base ensuring you spend less time cleaning up after your cubs. No more will your kitchen replicate the jungle floor! The extra strong suction base grips like glue to a highchair tray / table to prevent spills. As your child grows out of the “plate launching phase” the suction bottom can be removed to allow more independence and regular use.

Chemical free! Lions fiercely protect their young and you can rest assured that your cubs will be well looked after by our lion. We have ensured our lion is 100% chemical free! Protect your baby like a lion protects its cubs. Manufactured from 100% natural materials, anti-microbial & anti-bacterial. Free from all BPA, phthalates and other “nasties” you’re sure you don’t want your little cubs to have! Food safe certified and ethically made.

Perfect for Baby weaning! Lion is your perfect partner to the weaning process from infant to toddler. Your little cubs will interact playfully with our lion and quickly associate it with mealtimes. The bright colourful design will help to attract your babies attention and prevent restlessness during the weaning process.

Six colours to choose from! Our lion comes in six playful colours, choose your child’s favourite and watch them engage in mealtimes in whole new way!


  • Made of 100% Bamboo and BPA free silicone
  • Anti-microbial & anti-bacterial
  • Free from dangerous chemical substances that can cause allergies
  • Design promotes interaction and a sense of fun
  • Food safe certified, ethically made
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